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Let’s flex our KNX skills to rapidly accomplish ETS programming tasks

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Revolutionize Home Automation Skills

Fueled by the goal of catapulting participants into high-paying roles within the automation industry, our hackathon offers an intensive, real-world challenge in KNX system programming.

This unique hackathon not only showcases your skills to potential employers but also opens doors to exciting career opportunities in the fast-growing home automation sector.

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Join our community

Complete 10 days hackathon

Submit your ETS program for evaluation

Share your certificates on social media and mail us the screenshot

Get a chance to win iPhone 15/ ipad Air

Get exclusive offer on products for self evaluation


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Hackathon Schedule

Opening Day

Kick-off the hackathon with an overview and special focus on Interra’s contributions to automation

Mission 1 - Single Room Light Control

Learn to control a single room’s lighting with basic KNX programming for on/off and dimming functions

Mission 2 - Multi-Room Lighting Scenes

Create and activate multiple lighting scenes across different rooms with a single KNX command

Mission 3 - Motion Sensor-Activated Lighting

Integrate motion sensors to automate lighting, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency

Mission 4 - Daylight Harvesting

Implement daylight harvesting by programming KNX systems to adjust artificial lighting based on natural light levels

Mission 5 - Remote-Controlled Lighting

Set up remote-controlled lighting solutions via smartphone or web, introducing smart home accessibility.

Mission 6 - Voice-Activated Lighting Control

 Incorporate voice control with KNX for hands-free lighting management using platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Mission 7 - Presence Simulation for Security

Develop a presence simulation program to improve security by mimicking occupancy through lighting patterns

Mission 8 - Emergency Lighting

Implement an emergency lighting system within the KNX framework to activate during power outages

Mission 9 - Color Temperature Control for Wellness

Program tunable white lights to adjust color temperature for wellness benefits, mimicking natural daylight cycles

Conclusion day with Mission 10 - Energy Consumption Monitoring

Monitor and report energy consumption of the lighting system, emphasizing sustainability and cost-saving opportunities.

This day will also conclude the event.

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The KNX Automation Hackathon is an online event designed to challenge and enhance your skills in home automation using the KNX system. Over the course of the event, you'll tackle ten missions, each focusing on a different aspect of automation, from lighting control to energy monitoring.

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